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Duke Of York Belfast

On Sunday 15th March we made the decision to close our venues over St. Patrick’s Day and beyond. Several other establishments followed suit. Never in over 40 years in the hospitality business have we faced such uncertain times, and we vow to put the safety of employees and customers first. We would like to thank… Read more »

CANCELLED An Audience With Jack Pakenham, RUA – 21st March 2020 2.30pm

Jack Pakenham, RUA, is one of Ireland’s most interesting artists. Much of his work reflects on ‘The Troubles’ here in Northern Ireland, and are often a very personal response to these events. This exhibition ‘A Broken Sky – Revisited’ is effectively a visual social history of the last forty years in Northern Ireland, shining a… Read more »

You Saw Her Here First

As we approach the end of Shauna Fox’s ‘Belfast Baps’ exhibition here in Sea Holly I’ve been thinking about how fast the last few weeks have gone. There has been so much support for this exhibition and for this incredibly talented young artist, and I honestly think that both the paintings and the visitors who… Read more »