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We’ll meet again – we know where, just not when.

The Long Wait… is Almost Over The best things in life are worth waiting for. We are well practiced in waiting in these parts. Waiting for peace, waiting for the perfect pint to settle, waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for God, waiting for lockdown to end. The spirit of this city and the… Read more »

Who would compete with Seamus Heaney?

Seamus Heaney on Martin Gale “There may be clouds in the sky, clods on the ground, but there will usually be light on a far field and a gleam on the puddles. In fact, when Martin Gale looks upon the earth, he – like the One who took the first look – is inclined to… Read more »

A Grand Day Out for The Ulster Watercolour Society

You don’t have to think back too far to remember the Ulster Watercolour Society’s exhibition here in October, a hugely successful and well supported show. Over the two weeks the Society sold raffle tickets and catalogs, and all proceeds were to be donated to The Jill Todd Trust. Jill Todd was a bright and vivacious… Read more »

It’s not about the £!

Art and Proud is going fast and furious making the most of it’s short run. We have met some incredible artists in the process of putting this exhibition together, all of whom have come on board simply to help raise awareness of lgbtq+ issues and challenges in Northern Ireland. As a thank you we are… Read more »

A riot of colour engulfs Sea Holly with ‘Art and Proud’

Launch of the Art & Proud exhibition at the Sea Holly Gallery in Belfast

Thursday 25th July saw the opening night of a very special exhibition here in Sea Holly – ‘Art and Proud’. This is only our third exhibition and was our very first open call. The exhibition is a celebration and exploration of all things lgbtq+; stories, experiences, and themes. We were overwhelmed with the response and… Read more »

Dame Mary Peters joins the regulars at the Duke

Dame Mary Peters in the Duke of York

Our regulars in the Duke were delighted to be joined by Northern Irish legend, Dame Mary Peters for a few Christmas drinks. We can neither confirm nor deny that there were a few Shots Put away.

The Shamrock Tenors film their latest promo video in the Duke.

The Shamrock Tenors at The Duke of York

We hosted a Great Bunch Of Lads at the Duke the other day and they had so many Guinness’ they just couldn’t stop singing. Turns out they were local favourites The Shamrock Tenors filming their amazing promo video. See you again soon lads!

Tourism Ireland featured The Friend at Hand

Never known to be shy, Willie Jack was delighted to be featured by Tourism Ireland on their great video about The Friend at Hand, Belfast and Whiskey. You can watch the whole thing on their facebook page or see below.

Katie & Lewis got hitched and went straight to the Duke

Katie & Lewis at the Duke

Katie is a good friend of the Duke family and we were happy to host their “real” family toast in their favourite Belfast bar. Congratulations Katie & Lewis and see you for the anniversary pints every year from now on! Photo credit: Paula McManus