Gallery 545: Contemporary Art of Northern Ireland #2

3rd - 31st May 2020

Following a hugely successful exhibition in 2019 Francesca Biondi returns to Sea Holly with her incredible collection of artistic treasures from the length and breadth of the country. Gallery 545 showcases the very best in contemporary art by artists based in Northern Ireland – from the emerging artist to the well known and established artists.


GALLERY 545: Contemporary Art of Northern Ireland #2 ONLINE

‘Contemporary Art of Northern Ireland #2’, is an annual major group exhibition curated by Gallery 545 and presenting over twenty emerging and more established artists based in Northern Ireland. Due to COVID-19 this year it is running online at between 3 – 31 May. This exhibition celebrates the wealth of talent is this region showcasing a diverse selection of exciting artworks encompassing paintings, works on paper, objects and textile pieces.

This selection features paintings by Lisa Ballard, Charlie Scott and Wendy Ferguson, and mixed media pieces by Katherine St Angelo, all drawing inspiration from natural landscapes encountered here and around the world and the artists’ emotional responses to them. Natural scenery appears again in Ashley Holmes’ psychological landscapes reflecting states of mind, and nature also inspired Anushiya Sundaralingam’s unique fine art prints. A completely different landscape can be found in Dan Ferguson’s work depicting singular urban spaces.

Several figurative paintings represent human figures, from the striking portraits by Noel Murphy and Craig Donald, to the fascinating or mysterious women by Rosie McGurran, Trina Hobson and Rachel Lawell, and the intriguing subjects by Aimee Melaugh. In ceramics, Elham Hemmat also creates human figures, each highlighting the uniqueness of every human being.

Many abstract works are featured: the bright and bold paintings by Natalia Black, Ronan Bowes and Latisha Reihill, the geometrical abstracts by Ray Duncan, and other beautiful abstract compositions by Janet Keith. Among the abstract pieces are also the delicate patterns by Grace McMurray and Alacoque Davey produced with different media, and innovative objects by Kevin Miller. Abstract elements also dominate Karl Hagan’s paintings evoking historical events.

Viewers will have the opportunity to discover and explore recent artworks by many accomplished artists, who have achieved recognition locally and internationally, and appreciate the diversity and originality of artistic practices in Northern Ireland.

All the exhibiting artists are supported and promoted by Gallery 545. All their artworks are available to view and purchase online at, for sales and enquiries, you can contact the gallery at or 07960 130414.

Francesca Biondi, Art Director and Curator at Gallery 545 commented: ‘I am thrilled to exhibit online many original artworks by incredibly talented artists based in Northern Ireland. This exhibition was scheduled to run at the Sea Holly Gallery in Belfast, and even if this gallery is now closed due to COVID-19, we can still make it happen online. Artists are facing numerous challenges because of the current difficult situation, including the lack of opportunities to show their work at physical galleries and art fairs, so now more than ever it is fundamental to use digital platforms to continue to promote them. I am delighted to be in the position to support them and showcase and sell their art through Gallery 545’s professional curated e-commerce website’.

Image: Lisa Ballard, Desert Cacti Shapes, 2019

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Give us your email address and we’ll make sure your plans for the week are sorted, every week. No rubbish advertising and no giving your details out to every Tom, Dick or Harry. Promise.

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