Neil Shawcross ‘Writers of Belfast’

24/05/2019 12:00 - 19:00

Neil Shawcross is one of Ireland’s leading artists. This is his powerful & emotional tribute to Belfast’s authors, poets, playwrights and musicians…many of whom he has known personally. Neil has gifted the 36 paintings to the city & people of Belfast, and is being exhibited courtesy of the collection’s owners, Belfast City Council.

The large 7ft canvasses reflect the rich variety and contribution of Belfast writers to Irish & British culture… .from the renowned C.S Lewis, Seamus Heaney, Anna Burns and Van Morrison to lesser-known names such as Thomas Carnduff & Déirdre Ní Grianna.

Sea Holly is a stunning new independent art gallery at the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, designed to showcase and support local artists.